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Please contact our platform coordinator if you would like to be in touch about using our data and/or analysis. If you would like to contribute gender and climate resources to the GCT, become a Gender Climate Tracker!

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Women’s Environment and Development Organization (2022). Gender Climate Tracker [Mobile Application].         

Website: Women’s Environment and Development Organization (2022). Gender Climate Tracker.   

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Claudia Rubio, Data and Knowledge Associate,


The Gender Climate Tracker platform has been populated and maintained by dedicated, detail-oriented, and passionate staff, volunteers, and interns over the years, whose work has been vital at every stage of the GCT’s development. We thank the following people: 

Various Contributions: Bridget Burns, Prachi Rao, Vera Zhou, Olfa Jelassi, Rachel Powers, Shannon Greene, Elle van der Cam, Farha Naz, Talia Sosinsky, Ally Barca, Laura Vigil Escalera Mier, Nitya Mehta, Ségolène Quercy, Megan Bruno, Tara Daniel, and Alexandria Gordon

NDC Researchers and Authors: Tessa Khan and Jessica Delgado (Original NDCs), Parabukas (New/Updated NDCs), and Amy Lim (Latest NDCs) 

Production: Lucid Studio Berlin (2016-2020) and Kalamuna (2021- present)

About WEDO

A women’s global advocacy organization, WEDO envisions a just world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality, and the integrity of the environment. Through advocacy and action, WEDO connects and facilitates spaces for women’s organizations, governments, and intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, to ensure that women’s human rights are at the heart of global and national policies. Together, our actions will amplify the voices of women, tackle unjust systems, and propel the change we embody.

Visit WEDO’s website at for more information.

Next Steps

The Gender Climate Tracker Platform will continue to be expanded to become an information hub for decision-makers and policy experts. We hope this platform will be an open space for national level shadow reporting on implementation of the Paris Agreement from a gender equality and human rights perspective. If you are interested in learning more or supporting the expansion of the app, please contact

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